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Back Cover:
    This package contains one ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS’ TREASURE OF TARMIN’ cartridge, two controller overlays and playing instructions.


    The search for treasure leads to high adventure, as you wind through an underground maze of corridors, gates, hidden doors, ladders and rooms. Inside the maze are weapons, magical items, spiritual books,...and the Tarmin treasure! But beware. Within these walls also lurk deadly monsters and horrifying beasts...including the repulsive Minotaur...just waiting for you!

    The flashing white dot in the map of the ancient castle tells you where you are and how to get to the Tarmin treasure!

    Conquering your way through ever-deeper beast-infested labyrinths, can only lead to the ultimate confrontation - the Minotaur!

  • A world of challenge for 1 player vs. the computer
  • 4 skill levels. 3-way scoring keeps track of your spiritual and weapon strength. Treasure score keeps track of your wealth.
  • Monsters and other dreadful creatures keep your heart pounding. Stay alert!
  • Endless choices to make: which corridor to take, which room to explore, which objects to picks up.
  • Multi-purpose keys and buttons plus colorful symbols add to the challenge and entertainment.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Apr 07, 2004.