Written by  :  Lucas Schippers (59)
Written on  :  May 25, 2003
Platform  :  Intellivision

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One of Intellivision's finest - get it!

The Good

Burgertime hails from that period in the early 1980s when the "Big Three" (Atari, Coleco & Mattel) were trying to maximize profits by releasing big games across all platforms (sound familiar?). As a result, there are multiple versions of Burgertime, presenting casual retrogamers with a bit of a problem, since the core game represents arcade gaming at its pinnacle - addictive, rewarding, yet very, very challenging.

The Intellivision version shines brightly. The graphics resemble that of the arcade to an acceptable degree, and the Intelly's circular pad does not hamper gameplay at all. Plus, you get a slew of stages to complete, some of them nightmarishly difficult.

If you're not familiar with the basics of Burgertime, you play a chef you needs to make burgers. He does this by running over components of the uncompleted meal (buns, meat, cheese, tomato, etc.), causing them to fall to the bottom of the screen where they land on a plate (thoroughly tenderized, one assumes). However, he is pursued relentlessly by evil hot dogs, eggs and pickles, who can be thwarted, but never killed. You can stun your foes with pepper (of which you have a very limited supply), drop burger components on them, or send them flying down with the burger components if you're skilled enough.

The Bad

It's quite difficult. Just try making it through one complete game cycle, and you'll see what I mean.

The Bottom Line

Well, it's Burgertime, except it's much better than the crap Atari 2600 version.