International Golf Pro Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

When the disc is inserted this screen is shown while the game loads. There's no animated sequence, once the game loads the memory cards are checked then the menu is displayed
The game's main menu
This is the player selection screen. The same screen is used for both the Practice Round and the Championship options
After choosing the golfer the player must then select the course to play on. There are three, The Saharan Golf Challenge, The Oxygen International Open, and The Pacific Open
In the Practice option the player can play a single hole on any of the three available courses
Each hole starts with the customary fly-by. The text beneath the picture is spoken by a narrator word for word.
On the tee preparing to drive off. The left/right controls are used to aim the shot
When the ball is in flight the view changes to follow it.
On the green. The grid shows the slope of the ground. The left/right controls are used to aim the shot to compensate for any slope