International Sensible Soccer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro/Credits part
Language selection
Main menu
World Cup groups
The game is on
In the field
Penalty card from the referee
The bench

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Intro/Credits part
Apart from your team, you may also check your opponent in order to choose suitable tactics.
The game is on
Corner kick
Goalkeeper's parade
The bench

DOS version

Title screen
Language select

Genesis version

Companies were paranoid about this at that time
Choose the game type
The national tournaments on offer
An England squad of the time
League configuration
The Cup draw
Ready to play
This was added for the console
The players emerge
Let's see it again
The custom teams always made people laugh
Who said videogames can't be educational?
Team and formation selection - but no guru meditation?
Corner ball

Jaguar version

Title screen

SNES version

Main Menu
On the pitch
Select a tournament
Select a team
The scores are coming in
Your squad
Next match
Teams are lined up
Attempting to get the ball
He's through on goal
It's going in?
Replay showing your goal
Pulled it back to 2-2
Card for the foul
3-3 in the end