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Back of Keep Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):


    Come and be a part of Football. Feel the nerves in the tunnel and
    the excitement on the pitch. Immerse yourself with intuitive
    gameplay and realism for total footballing action. Experience the
    all new one-on-one situations and live the game. Pull off some
    amazing skills that really are pure football.

    - Brand New Mission Mode earns you points to build a stadium & unlock
    special features - All new close-up play allows one-on-one action. Can you
    take it round that defender? - 1-4 player footie fun - Commentary and match
    analysis by Jon Champion & Mark Lawrenson - Features real player names
    - Includes Stadium announcement by Carl Chapman

    Contributed by UkCollector (2480) on Aug 31, 2010.

Press Release:

    Konami announces that it will release PS2 and GameCube versions of its upcoming soccer sequel in Europe.

    February 6, 2003 - Konami has today announced that it's working on International Superstar Soccer 3 for the PS2 and GameCube. The sequel to ISS2 is being developed by KCE Osaka, as opposed to the KCE Tokyo team that's responsible for Konami's Pro Evolution and Winning Eleven series of soccer games.

    Designed to complement the KCET-developed games, ISS3 is a more arcade-oriented soccer game in which players have access to a selection of different feints, spins, and trick moves. ISS3 will also introduce a new feature called the "close-up mode," which allows players to press a button and zoom in to a camera angle directly behind their attacking player upon moving into an opponent's penalty area, making shooting at specific parts of the goal more manageable.

    The other big new feature in ISS3 is the game's mission mode, in which players will be awarded points for every match they win. Points can then be gambled on the outcome of games with other players, or used to purchase unlockable content such as new trick moves for players, new stadiums, and additional gameplay options.

    ISS3 will support up to four players simultaneously, and it will feature the most detailed visuals ever to grace the series. More than 90 FIFPro-endorsed international and club squads will appear in the game, although it remains to be seen whether or not Konami will be allowed to include all the real team and player names. The PS2 version of the game is scheduled for release in Europe in March, and the GameCube version will follow in May.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Feb 22, 2009.