Advertising Blurbs

UK Magazine Full Page Ad 1995:
    It's a whole new
    ball game...

    It's more than just a sequel...

    New teams, new players,
    new stadiums, new strategies
    and new techniques.

  • Realistic player sprites with brand
    new animations and skills
  • Increased CPU intelligence to challenge
    beginners and experts alike
  • 36 international teams featuring recognisable
    celebrity players
  • Real, live commentary, 7 different stadiums
    and new stadium video screen
  • International Cup, World Series and fully
    editable tournament modes
  • Choose from 16 formations, 8 strategies,
    20 players and 9 adjustable player skills to
    create your perfect team
  • Four way play also possible

    A load of old balls it ain't!

    Release Date: 3rd November 1995

    Contributed by Mr Almond (2594) on May 20, 2007.