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Interstate '76: Nitro Pack (Windows)

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Interstate '76: Nitro Pack Credits


Written and Directed byScott Krager
Written and Directed byScott Krager
Produced byChip James
Lead DesignerLars Fuhrken-Batista
Lead ProgrammerKurt Arnlund
Lead ArtistLance Charnes
Associate DesignerDoug Pearson
Assistant DesignerDave Nash
2D ArtistAlexander Stein
Additional 2D/3D ArtChristian Busic, Jerret Lloyd Farmer, Michael Groark, Paul Waggoner
Engine Optimizations/EnhancementsSteve Colwell, Matt Goheen, Lee Hasiuk, Jeremy Leader, Marshall Robin, Henry Yu, Qing Yuan
AI ScriptingLars Fuhrken-Batista, Dave Nash, Doug Pearson
Additional Multiplayer MapsDustin Reinsmith
I76 Conceived byZachary Norman, Sean Vesce
QA Senior LeadsJames Hudson, Matthew J. Powers
QA Network LeadTodd Komesu
TestersDavid Baker, Christian Campbell, Jay Anthony Franke, Laurent Slutzky, Christopher Toft, Ronald Weibel
Project SupervisorMelissa Kangeter
AnimatorMarco Bertoldo
Sound DesignerFrank Serafine
Additional Sound Effects and EngineeringMichael B. Schwartz
Sound ProcessingKen Ramirez
Vocal DirectionScott Krager
VoicesGreg Eagles (Taurus), Tom Kane (Skeeter / Natty Dread), Lisa Picotte (Jade Champion)
Additional VoicesDavid Rossi, Alexander Stein, David Stohl, Murali Tegulapalle, Sean Vesce
Director of ProdctuonFrank Evers
Public RelationsKerstine Johnson
MarketingHenk Hartong, Charles Hill
Games AnalystRyan Moos
Director of QA and Customer ServiceJim Summers
QA MangerDavid Arnspiger
Cross ProductionJason Feffer (Technical Help Files), Adam Goldberg (Associate Producer), Tanya Martino (Production Coordinator), Ben Siron (Installer Programming)
Documentation and PackagingRon Greening, Erik Jensen, Scott Krager, Sylvia Orzel, Michael Rivera, Belinda M. Van Sickle
Special Thanks ToDion Brain, Brian Bright, Maria Flagg, Alan Gershenfeld, Christopher Hepburn, Julio Jerez, Eric Johnson, Brian Kelly, Robert Kotick, Maryanne Lataif, Barbara Matias, Veronica Milito, Page Morris, Zachary Norman, Stephanie O'Malley Deming, Paul Trowe

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