Intruder: Sakura Yashiki no Tansaku Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
In front of the mansion
Mansion by night
As always, Alice from Alice Soft gives you information about the game
Sakura trees are ahead
Meeting the beautiful girl
This is the hero
The medallion...
Mansion entrance
Please take your shoes of before entering
Fountain outside
Visiting an empty room
In a corridor
Hmm, intellectual people, aren't they?
Near the toilet
You are caught!
You are thrown out of the mansion. Game Over
Lots of boxes...
Meeting two lovely girls
Things get hotter...
Things get VERY hot!

PC-88 version

Title screen
View of the mansion at night and main menu
Alice's mansion menu
Preview of Rance
Main hall
Typical corridor
You meet two girls in the bedroom
Nothing but boxes here?..
A mysterious woman
Hmm, should I explore here a bit?..
This door is stuck
Main entrance
Park outside
Children's bedroom
I wonder who lives here?..
This is obviously a boy's room
Dining room
They have a piano here! I want to play some Wayne Shorter tunes :)
A decisive conversation
You'll meet those two girls a lot
One of the rooms upstairs
You witness a lesbian sex scene