Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 3: Citizen Brown Screenshots (iPad)

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Main menu
Intro - Marty flying the DeLorean
Game start
Time index for episode
Planning escape from the crash
Promo picture of Marty and Jennifer but she is fading out of existence
Jennifer from this timeline leaving me outside Hill Valley which now has high walls around the town
The DeLorean is really broken now
New police station in Hill Valley
Video cameras everywhere - little Orwell 1984'ish
Talking with Jennifer's dad uh I mean Officer Parker citizen
Yes, Biff again
Talking to Jennifer behind the Soup shop
Mom (Lorraine McFly) at Biff's Citizen Plus booth in the Hill Valley square.
No cars just golf carts?
The McFly Residence and George in the garage reviewing monitor/camera feeds
Hill Valley Soup Shop
Talking with Leech at the Soup Shop
Hunting for Einstein doc's dog
Einstein is quick and keeps getting away
Lorraine cleaning the Hill Valley square courtyard statue
Marty gets a demerit for touching the statue