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iPad version

Title / loading
Main menu - clear day
Main menu - changes from clear day to stormy night after each match
Mutliplayer game types
Multiplayer - side by side hidden for each persons deployment
Multiplayer - side by side both players same side of device
Multiplayer - side by side both players opposed with board flip
Classic game - mode
Cutscene shot fired
Cutscene shot fired smoke trail to target
Cutscene Sinking carrier
Battle status
Salvo Mode start - you can fire 5 shots per turn 1 for each of your remaining ships
Salvo mode shows cutscene of missle launcher firing the number of shots
Cutscene of Salvo 2 hits!
Unlocked Super Weapon - Sea Mine
Super Weapons game mode - select weapons to use
Super Weapons game mode - fleet deployed with ship Shield protection
Super Weapons game mode - launching an Air Strike
Super Weapons game mode - dropping a Sea Mine
Super Weapons game mode - Chain Gun attack
Lost the fleet
Rank Commodore Mobygames - unlocked Supernova