Garage Inc. Credits

TransGaming Studios

Managing DirectorWojtek Kawczynski
Creative DirectorJason Azevedo
Technical DirectorMatt Robinson
Senior Concept ArtistKen Lashley
Lead ArtistDave Daniels
ArtistsJeremy Canton, Ben Henry
DevelopersJason P. Kaplan, Tim Ko, Chris Zerebecki
WriterAmanda Row
Production TeamDaniel Posner, Blair Yakimovich
QA TeamScott Guy, Sunny Thakkar, Regan Chan

Breakthrough Entertainment

Executive ProducersMichael McGuigan, Peter Williamson, Ira Levy
Director Digital MediaDorothy Vreeker
ProducerDorothy Vreeker
Director Legal AffairsLauren Corber

Redemption Audio

SoundMitch Lee
MusicMitch Lee
Theme Song (Hard Place) Written ByJohnny Summers
Performed ByJohnny Summers, Eric Allison, Jon McCaslin, Kodi Hutchinson, Egor Ukoloff
AngeloRobin Goldsmith
Frankie 'The Pitbull' NarratorMike Pollack
Cousin Sal, Sgt. O'Malley, Officer CooganJonathan Love
GabriellaLisa Adams
BettyAmber Quick

Focus Tester

TestersAmanda Murphy, Andrew Hogue, Angelo Italiano, Bill Kouretsos, Brian Jackson, David Morin, Gavriel State, Luis Gomez, Melissa Walker, Nina Bascos, Jon Remedios, Richard Yum, Roberto Monge, Tim Burrell, Tim Morrison, Tom Frencel, Jason Green

Special Thanks

Special ThanksVikas Gupta, Gavriel Sate, Dennis Ensing, Blake Lewin, Paul Nowosad, Daniel Posner, Mark Adams, Paul Nesbit, and the rest of the TransGaming crew, as well as our families and friends [for help and support]
The iPhone version of Garage Inc. was made possible with the support ofOntario Media Development Corporation

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159735) and Patricia Ryniak (38)