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Before battle you can get info on your enemy - Horned Guardian
When achievements are reached they show briefly in game
Items you have earned from combat and experience can be managed between battles
The castle is epic in scale, detail and beauty - like the engine unreal
You will find treasure chests in the castle that contain items such as gold, weapons, potions etc
Level 9 Warden
Any purchases and items currently being used are shown in your profile - new helmet
Victory over your enemy then calculates your items new experience levels and status
My next enemy awaits on the bridge
Sweeping panoramic shots as you engage your next enemy
Level 3 Knight Templar
Branch paths through the castle determines opponents - big door or take the stairs
Defeat from a Plated Golem
Finally up the stairs from the bridge below
Level 21 Plated Sorok that drains life and resist dark magic
Entering another massive chamber of the castle
Level 5 Iron Golem
Pull down menu
Review leaderboards and achievements
Game supports different modes of play such as Single-player Campaign, Arena Mode, and Multiplayer via Game Center
Approaching a Cavalier
Level 16 Cavalier is protecting the treasure chest
Final death blow for the Cavalier
Using Super Attack skill to daze my enemy
Using Spellcasting - Fire on this Level 3 Wood Jester
Entering the Grand Hall of The God King
To attack The God King I must fight the Level 15 Dark Knight
The treasure chest at his throne provides a good shield
Level 50 The God King.... I'm dead... totally dead...
The God King is wicked fast and has the Infinity Blade!
So your campaign through the castle begins again!