Jetpack Joyride Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Title screen
Wee! Riding the jetpack, scaring poor scientists... :(
Vehicle icon! Go get it!..
Your stats for the run
Check out what missions you have
Barry rides a bike! Collect that spin token! Avoid the zapper! Survive the warehouse! Why do I use so many exclamation marks?..
Beautiful aquarium stage. Barry navigates a very weird-looking teleporter
Pull the lever! This might be your second chance!
Mr. Cuddles, the robotic, fire-spitting dragon
Forest level. Lots of coins, but Barry is dead...
Flying through a lab
The Profit Bird eats coins happily
Avoid those lasers!
Missiles incoming!..
Level up! Woohoo!...
Quest complete!!..
Barry in a "head start"; he rushes through a part of the stage automatically
Vrrrum!! The zapper explodes!
This mecha is aptly named "Lil' Stomper"
You have won a "small blast" in the slot machine game. Barry's body will be thrown forward...
This is the game's shop
Purchase clothes - purely cosmetic
Jetpacks - ditto. I didn't notice any gameplay difference when outfitting Barry
Player's profile
Of course, you can buy coins for real world money... this is a true disease of modern casual gaming
Barry in a gravity suit, upside-down
New badge! Now what?..
Barry has a new jetpack and a punk haircut
Barry Steakfries now rides the Crazy Freaking Teleporter.
Beware of flashing lasers.
I have hit the prize as "Next Run Double" during the Final Spin.
The Final Spin also resumes.
I have had 5 Revival tokens at Day 4.
I am here to jump to the 5th reward as "Ultimatum", making it happen.
Barry Steakfries returns for one flight with a Quick Revival token.
I have reached the 5th reward as "Ultimatum" for Day 5.