Parking Mania Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Title screen and main menu (daytime version)
Title screen and main menu (nighttime version)
Options for audio, e-mail functionality, and custom soundtrack via iPod
Control options for steering method, sensitivity, and inverted layout for left-handed players
Several help screens explain the different control methods and game objectives.
Level selection screen
Getting the 4x4 out of a very post-modern parking lot.
Parking a squad car; the target spaces (tinted green) are often in quite vicious locations.
Backing a truck out of a tight parking lot.
The objectives of each level can be checked again on the pause screen.
Approaching a store's loading bay with a big rig and a refrigerator trailer in a nighttime level.
Running a red light with a car transporter, cutting right into regular traffic.
...and tractors are just a few of the dozens of vehicles the player gets to maneuver.
Waiting at a railroad crossing
Crystal integration with achievements and leaderboards