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Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse (iPad)

Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse Screenshots

iPad version

Player name
Title / main menu
Intro - cutscene
Castle being cursed - cutscene
Courtyard main floor
Courtyard main floor - objects
Guest book
Witch's shadow in window
Grand Hall main floor (cursed)
Grand Hall main floor (cursed) window - objects
Grand Hall main floor (curse removed)
Grand Hall main floor - door gear puzzle
Grand Hall main floor - painting puzzle
Hall of Reflection main floor
Hall of Reflection main floor - 1st mirror puzzle restore
Servant restored to life
Hallway main floor
Pixie gained rock ability
Pixie now has hint & rock ability
Hallway main floor - door lock puzzle
Piano Lounge main floor (cursed)
Piano Lounge main floor (cursed) - objects
Piano Lounge main floor (cursed) - mix potion
Piano Lounge main floor (curse removed)