The Simpsons: Tapped Out Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Homer is hungry
Time to visit Moe's
Take a look at Springfield
A crowded Springfield
Power plant is back
Church and school
Simpson's house is ready for tax collection
Connection errors
Lots of money and experience
Level 20
Loading screen during Halloween
Sarcastic message when leveling up.
Special Halloween quest
New treats for Halloween
Loading screen created for Valentine's Day.
Splash screen v4.3.0
Splash screen v4.4.0
Wheel of fortune minigame during an event
Splash screen Clash of Clones 2014 Event
Splash screen Treehouse of Horror XXV Event
Splash screen Christmas 2014 Event
Splash screen Superheroes 2015 Event
Was it a good idea to push this button?
City in ruins.
Splash screen for Terwilligers 2015 Event
Splash screen for Monorail 2015 Event
Splash screen for Treehouse of Horror XXVI Event (v. 4.17.X)