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IGN UK (Nov 09, 2010)
Spider-Man is both one of the best action games on the App Store right now as well as the best superhero game you can get for your iPad. The combo-happy combat system is great fun; you’ll love helping Parker bust chops with a variety of aerial attacks and web grabs. The narrative is well constructed (good writing can never be overvalued), and it looks fantastic. Unless you are strictly only down with puzzles and word games, there is no reason not to swing over to the App Store now and download this great game.
TouchGen (Nov 14, 2010)
All to often we have seen iPad editions of Gameloft games reveal the limitations of the iPhone version, especially in the geometry and texture details. However, the cartoon graphics of Spider-man: Total Mayhem lend themselves well to being upscaled, where the chunky geometry takes nothing away from the experience, in fact it looks possibly better. The large screen space allows you to revel in the colourful world of Spidey and his friends as you button mash and web swing your way to glory. The game seems to have been toned down in difficulty, particularly the much maligned Rhino showdown, which I could sail past in one sitting. With the game being much about button mashing combos, the game’s controls work well on the large buttons and virtual stick, offering something much closer to a Wii or Playstation 2 experience, as opposed to the cramped experience on the iPhone. Overall, a great action game on iOS whether it’s in your hands or on your lap.