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GamePro (US) (Jul 23, 2010)
The iPad version of Bryce Manor has an all-new co-op mode, and it's a blast. The game's already stellar visuals also find new life on the iPad. It seemed that every time I started a new level I had to take a second to admire the world the game's developers have created. I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the game's controls at first, but after a few levels I was pouncing around levels, tackling hornets, and spinning enormous webs. I'm glad I stuck with it, because Spider: Bryce Manor HD is one of the best experiences the iPad has to offer.
The Game Hoard (Jan 29, 2018)
Although Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor HD loses some of its steam near the end, this iOS puzzler manages to do something interesting with its two separate but intertwining tales. Spider on its own could have been enjoyable enough but a bit flat, but the mystery of the mansion it just so happens to be in adds an extra layer that gives a new reason to progress beyond just playing in a new arrangement of bugs and objects. Unfortunately, although they occur in the same space, the two can’t really interact with each other, and while you’ll get good stuff from both sides, neither can realize their potential fully as the Spider has to explore levels that serve story functions and the story can’t explicitly show too much or wrap things up too well.