Spring Bonus Credits


Spring Bonus(c)2013 Grey Alien Games
ProducerJake Birkett
DesignerJake Birkett
Lead ProgrammerDamien Sturdy
Background and Character ArtistClaudia Patron Perez
GUI and Sprite Art - RestroStyle GamesPavel Konstantinov (team leader), Olga Onishchenko, Inna Rashkyan
Beta TestersIvan Allan, Robb Beggs, Callum Birkett, Conan Birkett, Roman Budzowski, Petter Caddock, Helen Carmichael, Brendan Duck, Vieko Franetovic, Sabrina Gasson, Jose Alberto Bazan Godoy, Jochen Heizmann, Nicola Rechael Illing, Graham Jans, James Karg, Tor Martin Kristiansen, Mark Margetts, Claudia Patron Perez, Brian Provinciano, Ola Rogula, Michelle Rutherford, Su Skerl, Damien Sturdy, Nick Waanders, Cezar Wagenheimer, Alexander Zacherl, Aimie White, Georgina O'Neill, Mat Hale (Matt Hale)
Sound EngineerJake Birkett
Additional ArtJake Birkett
Special ThanksMy Family, Roman Budzowski, Tim Fisher, Shane Neville, Graham Meade (for font)
Tea BoyJake Birkett
Check out our other gamesHoliday Bonus, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Easter Bonus, Xmas Bonus
In Memory OfFin Gunn (my dad)
InformationSpring Bonus was made in Vancouver, Canada
Ported byDamien Sturdy (of Sturdy Games)
The following sound files were from Fresound.org- Little Girl Giggle from SoundMunger (used for rabbit giggle), - jaw_harp2 from 3bagbrew (used for bonus appearing), - Nightingale_song from reinsamba (used for bird bonus), - LightningStrikeAtHome from henderda (used for cloud bonus), - FryPanSizzleLongRelease from Mirors (used for sun bonus), - snow3 from Snoman (used for removing snow)
Thanksfor playing!

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (128124)