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The Treasures of Mystery Island (iPad)

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The Treasures of Mystery Island Credits

iPad version

Developed byAlawar Friday's Games
Published byBig Fish Games Inc.
ProducingStanislav Savvinykh, Kirill Plotnikov
Art DirectorMaxim Mihaelis (Maxim Mikhaelis)
ProgrammerMaxim Omelyanchuk, Stanislav Kostikov, Mikhail Korotetsky
ArtTatiana Trotsenko, Olga Tursheva
Project ManagerAlexander Egoshin

Original PC version

Developed byAlawar Five‑BN
Project ManagerAlexander Frolov (Aleander Frolov)
ProducingKirill Plotnikov
DirectorEvgeniy Sokolov
Art ProducerMaxim Mihaelis (Maxim Mikhaelis)
ArtAlexander Gorshkov, Alexey Kravchenko, Sergey Zabelin, Dmitry Vasilenko, Vita Kosova, Alexander Penzin
ProgrammerAlexander Frolov (Aleander Frolov), Dmitry Morgun
MusicYuriy Yaschenko (Yury Yaschenko)
SoundsAlexander Gorshkov

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (104943)