The 7th Guest Credits (iPhone)

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The 7th Guest Credits

[opening credits]

Original ConceptRob Landeros, Graeme J. Devine
DesignRob Landeros, Graeme J. Devine
ScreenplayMatthew J. Costello
Musical ScoreGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)
ProgrammersJohn Fricker, Scott Lawrence
Graphic ArtistsRobert Stein III, Rob Landeros, Gene Bodio, Phil LeMarbre, Alan Iglesias
Executive ProducersStephen Clarke-Willson (Dr.), David A. Luehmann, David Bishop

[closing credits]

Original ConceptGraeme J. Devine, Rob Landeros
DesignGraeme J. Devine, Rob Landeros
Lead ArtistRobert Stein III
Produced byDavid A. Luehmann (Trilobyte), David Bishop
Executive in Charge of ProductionStephen Clarke-Willson (Dr.)
Music Composed and Produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man), K. Weston Phelan (Team Fat), David Govett (Team Fat), Joe McDermott (Team Fat)
Video ProductionKeith Ranney (Image Grafx), Debra Ritz Mason (Rogue River Motion Picture Company)
Sound EngineeringWeb Staunton (Staunton Studios), Greg Hayes (Staunton Studios), Dianne Watson (Trilobyte)
Sound SystemJohn Miles (Miles Design)

[closing credits / Programmers]

Lead ProgrammerGraeme J. Devine (Trilobyte)
Assistant ProgrammerAlan Laird (Trilobyte)
ToolsHayes Haugen
iOS version programmed byJohn Fricker, Scott Lawrence

[closing credits / Artists]

Lead ArtistRobert Stein III (ANIGRAF/X)
Art DirectorRob Landeros (Trilobyte)
3D ModelerAlan Iglesias (Alan Inglesias Design), Phil LeMarbre (PCA), Gene Bodio (PCA)

[closing credits / Video Graphics Compositing and Special Graphics Effects]

Director of GraphicsVerin G. Lewis (CyberROM Technologies Inc.)
Assistant Graphics ArtistAndy Anderson, John Gaffey (Silver Hilton Sudio)

[closing credits / First Location Crew]

Boom operatorKevin McKern
Key lightning and assistant cameraKevin Smith
LightningSonny Lumins
Grip and Grip TruckThomas Franz
Key Gripe('Duplicates are way too expensive!')
StuntpersonsLarry and Vince, Gordo Zuccini
Make‑upMike Prosser
Assistant Make‑upJeff Yarnall
Additional Make‑upBide Awhile Funeral Home
Hair DresserBarbara Post
Location studio and CateringC.K. Tiffin's Restaurant
1st Production AssistantPhyllis Schuart
2nd Production AssistantJan Lyon

[closing credits / Technical Assistance]

Liaison to the BeyondPerry Normai
Psychic ConsultantsAbbie Normal, Madame Claire Voyant
Know‑it‑all‑ConsultantDear Abbey
Pyrotechnin ConsultantRoy Boomer
Assistants to Mr 'Big Bang'Dr. B.Goody MD

[closing credits / Flunkies and Relatives]

CateringFranck E.N. Beens
BartenderFrank N. Stine
Best BoyJohn  Walton
Worst BoyDamien
Best Girl213‑555‑2538
Bodyguards (to the crew)Ghostbusters
Bodyguards (to the cast)Banshee Alarm and Security

[closing credits / Cast of Characters]

StaufRobert Hirschboeck
TadDouglas Knapp
Brian DuttonMichael Pocaro
Edward KnoxLarry Roher
Elinor KnoxJolene Patrick
Martine BurdenDebra Ritz Mason
Julia HeineJulia Tucker
Hamilton TempleTed Lawson
Bust, Mad Clown Ghoul #3, Lab patient, fantasy manGuy Pech
Ghoul #1, BartenderGeorge Mason
Female Ghoul, Woman hit on head, Woman in BarJennifer Hillis
Sacrificial Baby, Heine as infantRobby Shellabarger
ElvisDead Singer, Any number of people
Any number of peopleElvis
Soldier, Ghoul #2Joe Sanden
Beautiful Woman, Heine as Younger WomanLee Ann Ranney
Older Woman in BarJan Lyon
Heine as Younger WomanAutumn Sherva
Girl Clown DollSissy Pech
Disembodied Girl DollMolly Grow
Ego as a Man in the Mirror, Fridge HeadKeith Ranney
Sick GirlDolinda Meeker
Head in LabRob Landeros
Good GhostDianne Watson
Dead SingerElvis

[closing credits / Additional Voices]

NarratorRobert Earl Webb
Ryan JonesMichael Mish
Tad voice‑oversRyan Jones, Jessica Blaszak, Carrie Lazar, Sarah Reid, Amy Turner

[closing credits / Quality Assurance Team]

QA ManagerMichael Gater (Virgin)
Quality Assurance TeamMichael S. Glosecki ('Big Mike'), Bijan Shaheer (as Bijan Saheer), Noah Tool, Gene Martin, Justin Norr, Adam Ryan, Scott J. Duckett
Quality AssuranceTop Star - Computer Services Inc.
Other SoftwareAutodesk Animator Pro, Autodesk 3D Studio, Handmade Software's Image Alchemy, Aldus Photostyler

[closing credits / Thanks]

Special Thanks toDavid Sanger ('Skeletons in my Closet'), Rick Hautala (author of Dark Silence), Greg Costikya (author of By the Sword), Gary Yost, Ann Nora and Devon, Martin Alper, Lori Geri and Sterling, Caspar Topper and Elvis
Thanks toThe Amityville Hysterical Society, Bates Motel, The House of Mystery at the Oregon Vortex
Closing credits music Dolls From Hell remix byMazedude
based on an original composition byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)

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