Ant Wars SE Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Main Menu
Choose your army type.
My armies are attacking red base.
Managed to take over control of all the holes.
Red is as good as finished.
Black still has one hole, but I've over 50 ants waiting to attack.
That's what it looks like if you send a whole lot of ants into one hole.
You can send in armies from several holes at once (see the yellow circles).
Red tries a counter attack while I'm busy taking his lower hole.
Red is as good as gone but black still has many ants available while I've depleted almost all my reserves.
The final assault on red is about to happen.
The special levels are insanely hard.
I'm red and have more holes but black has way more ants available to him.
I'm red and it doesn't look good.
I don't my assault force is strong enough to take black at this time.
I guess I already mentioned it a few times, but red is definatly a goner.
Always important: points for the highscore.
Four holes each - who has the better strategy?
The war is about to begin.