Bailout War$ Credits (iPhone)

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Bailout War$ Credits


Executive ProducerEdouard Gasser
ProducerDavid Hague
Studio ManagerSamir El Agili
VP CreationStanislas Dewavrin
Creative DirectorSt├ęphane Varrault
DesignersNick Penninipede, Baptiste Marmey
Sound DirectorMathieu Vachon
Sound DesignerPascal Dion
Worldwide Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Associate Art DirectorMikael Robert
ArtistsBen Berntsen, Jocelyn Joret
Technical Director33
ProgrammersTravis Estrada, Olivier Brassard, Michael Zawadzki
QA ManagerSun Jie
QA Project ManagerZhou Tong
QA LeadsHu Yao Ling, Yu Jian Jun
QAGu Chang Jiong, Shen Yun Jie, Yang Xian Min, Shen Hao, Wang Wei
Localization ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
LocalizationAlicia Buffa, Fred Leung, Mariko McDonald, Kasper Hartman, Simon Ludgate

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (60675)