Bananagrams Credits (iPhone)

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Bananagrams Credits

Core Team

Senior ProducersChristopher Spivey, Andrew Burrows
Lead ArtistMark Weismantel
Lead ProgrammerBrian Robbins
ProgrammerAllison Allain


Executive ProducerWade Tinney
Senior ProducersChristopher Spivey, Andrew Burrows


Lead ProgrammerBrian Robbins
ProgrammerAllison Allain
Technical DirectorJosh Welber
Additional ProgrammingSeth Howard, Joseph Sheckels, Eric Lannan


Lead ArtistMark Weismantel
Senior Art DirectorBrad MacDonald

Game Design

Game DesignWade Tinney, Christopher Spivey, Mark Weismantel, Josh Welber, Brad MacDonald, Andrew Burrows, Brian Robbins, Allison Allain

Published by Majesco Entertainment

Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
ProducerRuss Mock
Associate ProducerJonathan Black
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
Director, Business DevelopmentAdam Sutton
Art DirectorFrank Lam
Director of MarketingLiz Buckley
Senior Product ManagerKevin Brannan
Marketing CoordinatorsPeter Rosky, Manny Hernandez
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
SVP of PublishingJo Jo Faham
SVP of Business and Legal AffairsAdam Sultan
Director of TechnologyPaul Campagna
IT ManagerKevin Tsakonas
QA ManagerEric Jezercak
Project LeadJoey Goldstein
Lead TestersPhilip Johnson, Onix Alicea, Joseph Ronquillo
TestersMartin Sanelli, John Moran, Marc Dunyak, Joseph Curren, Jason Somers, Michael Ruley, Shariff James, Brian Suscavage, Brian Harvey, David Egner, Michael Accetta, Derek Morgan, Daniel Taylor, Gabriel Lamberty, Andrew Smith, Robert McCartney, Larry Contreras, Joseph Rovinsky, Mark Hamill, George Chang
Special ThanksJesse Sutton, James Bartolomei, Anna Chapman, Gabrielle Cahill, Bender Helper Impact

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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Robbins (260)