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Bridge Odyssey (iPhone)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Bridge Odyssey Credits


Executive ProducersMartial Valéry, Yang Wen
ProducersCharlie Nebbia, Paul Depré, Baptiste Chardon
Creative DirectorStanislas Dewavrin
Lead Game DesignJuan Pablo Sajfar
Game DesignAriel Bosi
Level DesignBruno Palermo, André Brito
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Rich Gaming Division ManagerMathieu Verlaet
VP CreationStanislas Dewavrin
Technical DirectorBrice Ramard
Packaging ArtistJocelyn Joret
Lead ArtistEmiliano Córdoba
2D ArtistsFernando Olivera, Ezequiel Menutti, Paco Martinez, Toni Rodríguez, Jocelyn Joret
3D ArtistsAgustin Giannitti, Emiliano Córdoba
Programming CoordinatorFernando Mazzon
Lead ProgrammerAriel Chacón
ProgrammingMariano Burgos, Fernando Limardo, Sebastián Rojo
Audio DirectorArnaud Galand
ComposerDenis Vachon
Sound DesignerYan Doiron
Sound QA ManagerUlrich Frantz
Sound QANicolas Trovato, Renaud Baril
Glitch TeamPatrick Allaire, Gerald Langlois, Francois Duranleau, Louis-Michel Veilleux, Marc-André Loyer, Frédérik Rozon, Jianghao Chang
Localization ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
LocalizationAlicja Buffa, Fred Leung, Mariko McDonald, Kasper Hartman, Owen Weiss
New York Review TeamBaptiste Marmey, Michael Zawadzki, Ben Berntsen
Next‑Gen SupportYumiko Nishi
Japan Team Translation LeadYasutaka Yuhara
Japan Team TranslationChihomi Sasaki, Keigo Yoshida, Akiko Nishimura
Japan Team Localization LeadKenta Sekiya
Japan Team LocalizationMitsuru Yoshikawa, Manabu Murakami
QA ManagerSun Jie, Costel Apopii, Wang Peng
QA Project ManagerZhou Tong
QA LeadOuyang Ting, Zhang Xin
QAHu Xiao Hua, Shen Yi, Fei Zhen Zhong, Zhang Chao, Liu Bin Ruo, Wang Zhen Huan, Wang Yuan Long, Chen Yu, He Dong Ye, Liu Yan Hui, Hao En Peng, Ma Jian Nan, Nian Ying, Nie Xin, Xu Peng
World Playtest ManagerNahuel González
Senior Game ExpertEmiliano Ramírez Díaz
Senior PlaytestersJorge Tarzian, Roberto Andriuolo
Junior Game ExpertsAdrián Marcelo Bosi, Pablo Sebastián Malve
PlaytestersAlexis Damián Vicens, Carlos Esteban Castro, Fernando Spina, Ignacio Ulfeldt, Laura Regueira, Lucas Peverelli
Buenos Aires Studio ManagerTanguy Pallier
Special ThanksAgustín de Cabrera, Ignacio Inglese, Fernando Draghi, Ignacio Tischelman, Alejandro Medici, Alejandro André

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61031)