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Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered (iPhone)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered Credits

Main Credits

WriterCharles Cecil
DirectorCharles Cecil
Programming and ToolsAndrew Boskett, Tony Warriner, Joost Peters
Facial ExpressionsAngus McKie, Judy McKie
Graphic ArtSucha Singh, Chantal Beaumont
Comic ArtworkDave Gibbons, Angus McKie
ProductionRobert Megone, Steve Ince
Lead TesterRobert Megone
Executive ProducerNoirin Carmody
English Program DirectorMohua Bhowmik Gupta
English QA Project LeadGaurish Nandlaskar (as Gaurish Mohan Nandlaskar)
English Quality AssuranceAyala Ramesh Kumar (as Ramesh Kumar), Muthu Karthick, Sumanth Jaideep
German LocalisationToneworx Studios Hamburg
Localization ManagerMarc Schoenhoff
French LocalisationAround the World
French Project ManagerAnne-Sophie Mailliez
French TranslatorStéphane Radoux (as Stéphane Radoux)
Spanish LocalisationSynthesis Iberia SL
Spanish Project ManagerGustavo Díaz
Spanish TranslationDavid Merlo, Pablo Trenado
Spanish QA ReviewMayte Cabanes
Italian LocalisationSynthesis International S.R.L
Italian Project ManagerLeonardo Gajo
Italian TranslationPietro Dattoia
Italian QA ReviewAlfonsina Mossello
Brazilian LocalisationBabel Media
Brazilian Translation Project ManagerPaul Mewis
Brazilian TranslaterBernardo Hodge
Localized Language TestingBabel Media
Pre‑Production DirectorBlandine Prost
Project ManagerPaul Mewis
QA CoordinatorMatthias Elsdörfer
Special Thanks to Our Street Team and Beta Testers:Richard Packer, Anne-Sophie Mailliez, Ben Thorpe, Ciara Cecil, James Snee, Ella Warriner, David Cecil

Credits For Original Version

Script WriterDave Cummins, Jonathan Howard
ProgrammingDavid Sykes, Jonathan Howard, Paul Porter, James Long, Patrick Skelton, Chris Rea, Peter Ellacott
Background LayoutsEoghan Cahill, Neil Breen, Amy Berenz, Lee Taylor
Lead AnimatorStephen Oades
Art and Sprite AnimationRichard Grey, Geraldine Williams, Jane Stroud, Andi Forster, Michael Ryan, Gary Bendelow, David Birkinshaw, Gary Welch
Character DesignMat Taylor
Sequence Animation and ArrangementFil Cartoons, Ros Allen, Colin Hughes, Sarah Keogh, Richard Bluff
StoryboardsNick Martinelli
Actor DirectionEdward Hall
ActorsRolf Saxon, Gary Parker, Jeff Fletcher, Dennis Chinnery, John Johnson, Chris Miles, Flaminia Cinque, Jenny Hall, Stephanie Clive, Leo Wringer
Music Composed byBarrington Pheloung
Music Conducted byBarrington Pheloung
Music CoordinatorHeather Pheloung
Music Co‑ProductionMatthew Slater
Performed byLondon Metropolitan Orchestra
Flute SoloistDave Heath
Oboe / Cor AnglaisMelinda Maxwell, Gareth Hulse
ClarinetFiona Cross
BassoonJulie Andrews
HornLaurence Rodgers
TrumpetsBill Houghton, Crispian Steele-Perkins
Solo FiddleDermot Crehan
Piano SoloistSally Heath
ViolinsDavid Juritz, Johnathon Rees, Dal Emanuel, Boguslaw Kostecki, Maciej Rakowski, Liz Layton, Ralph De Souza, Pauline Lowbury, David Ogden, David Smith, Steve Morris
ViolasAndy Brown, Kate Musker, Andy Parker
CelliCathy Giles, Sian Bell, Rodger Smith
Double BassLynda Houghton, Robin McGee
Piano, OrganBarrington Pheloung
Title Song, Happiness Is An Inside Job
Lyrics byDon Black
Music byBarrington Pheloung
SingerBob Sekar
Backing VocalsGaynor Ellen, Barrington Pheloung
GuitarsErwin Keiles
KeyboardsGlen Keiles
Steel PanSara Lowenthal
Recorded atCts Studios Wembley Middlesex
Engineered byPaul Golding
Assisted byCaroline Daniel
Sound EffectsHackenbecker
PR and CamaraderieSimon Byron
Special Thanks toStephen Oades (An Exceptionally Talented Animator)

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Credits for this game were contributed by MrMamen (6116)