Written by  :  Guy Chapman (2001)
Written on  :  Apr 11, 2011
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A Title That Rewards For Thinking Differently.

The Good

The game has a very "gentle", "casual" feel about it. While some may shy away from the concept of "casual" games, this is a title that rewards those who love not following the rules.

Sure, there is a set path to get the ball to the star, but players don't have to take it. Ingenuity and creativity can make an alternate path the uses a jump, or a makeshift tool or shape. It can be as simple as it needs to be, or as complex as one wants. And you can still get the star.

The graphical style is charming, with a crayon style interface of creating lines against a notebook paper background. The controls are effective, allowing the player to draw what they need to reach their goal. The music is unobtrusive and serene. The controls work appropriately, and do what they need to do.

The Bad

I am surprised that it has never come to consoles. Interfaces, like the Wii, or even more specifically, the DS with its stylus, have not seen even the slightest hint of a port when it would seem like a natural pairing.

Carefully crafted lines can collapse if not placed perfectly or bumped in a wrong way, but it is very easy to correct, and part of the overall challenge.

The Bottom Line

I was impressed by the demo I saw on YouTube before this title was released, and I made sure to follow its progress and download it when it became available on the iPhone. I truly enjoy games that reward players for thinking outside of the box.

An unusual, yet appropriate comparison would be Super Mario 64. Players had a "correct" way to gain the stars in that game as well, but that doesn't mean that such a path was forced upon you.

The clever are truly awarded by this title. Everyone else will still have a good time if puzzle games are something they like to while away on during breaks.