Cut the Rope Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title screen and main menu
Options menu
The introduction sequence
The cardboard box contains the first 25 levels
Level 1-1, the first few levels act as a tutorial
Level 1-1, just slide your finger across the screen to cut the rope, it's so easy
Level 1-1, candy will fall down and Omnom will eat it
Level completed, and I got all three stars to boot!
The in-game menu
The level select screen
Level 1-16, keep the candy away from the spikes
Level 1-16, when the candy touches the spikes it breaks and Omnom puts on his pouty face
Level 1-20, you can cut several ropes at once
Level 1-22, you can also use multi-touch to deal with several ropes at once
Level 1-24 sometimes you need to be fast, stretched ropes get red
Level 2-1, tap the air cushion to blow objects
Level 2-9, cut the rope before the spider reaches the candy
Level 2-9, the spider grabs the candy and gleefully escapes
Level 2-17, some stars require fast actions to be collected, the top left star will disappear when the yellow arc closes up
Level 3-1, some rope hooks can be moved with your finger
Level 3-6, move the rope hooks slowly or the candy will hit the spikes
Level 3-14, avoid the electric sparks
Level 3-19, sparks act the same as spikes except they keep toggling on and off
Level 4-1, rotate the wheel to control rope length
Level 4-6, gently blow the bubble past the spikes
Level 5-1, toggle the gravity with the button, the view in the window will tumble like a washing machine
Level 5-2, toggle gravity and everything falls upwards, yet Omnom remains unaffected.. how strange
Level 5-4, swiping the screen displays a cool slash effect
Level 5-9, this is a weird contraption
Level 6-1, combine the two pieces of candy before feeding it to Omnom
Level 6-1, when touching the two pieces magically combine, how romantic
Level 6-2, when the candy pieces are caught in bubbles they gently float upwards
Level 6-4, nothing says Valentine's Day like playing with ropes (wait, that didn't sound right)
Level 7-1, drop the candy into the magic hat and it will fall out from the other one
Level 7-8, the new magic hats are combined with all the other game play elements
Level 7-7, tap the candy on the title screen for an "easter egg", the bunny ears sometimes randomly appear when idle