Dawn of Magic Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title screen
A nice town.
There are no random encounters in this game, and all enemies can be seen while wandering the lands. They are always represented by floating blue flames, no matter which type of enemy it is.
A temple! Dare we enter?
Exploring the temple.
Using the drop-down menu on the right. This is where all the different sub menus can be found, such as equipment, status, levels and game options.
Meeting with the Sage.
Slicing up a Big Spider in an early battle.
Ouch! That hurts!
The in game purchases in this game are all just increasing amounts of Gold. The enemies are slightly on the cheaper side, making sure you'll be tempted to get some of these.
I'm going out on a limb here but... you're one of the bad guys, right?
Fighting a mighty boss creature. Bella is currently affected by a confusion status effect.
Full of yourself much?
The battle navigation menu. It covers all the basics you've come to expect in jRPGs, such as attack, magic, items, defend etc.
Bella gets ready to dish out some pain on a Demon Sword.
Aaah... Engrish, how you never fail to amuse...
Bella uses attack magic on an assortment of animals and criminals!