ExZeus Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

The intro shows Calista's Stats...
...and Sophia's...
...and Dynamis'
Title Screen
Character/Robot/Mecha Selection
The first level.
Firing my lasers!
Before a boss battle, you get to see the boss' fighting style, it's attacks, and it's weakpoints.
Dracaena; the first boss and two-headed Mecha Godzilla ripoff!
Die, alien scum!
After successfully beating a boss, you are then taken to the Item Shop to buy items that can restore and extend your health bar, lock-on bar and shield bar!
A little tidbit from the story.
The second level.
Whoops, I died!
Like any arcade game, you are given the option to continue or quit. In this game, you are given only 5 continues; after that it's Game Over.