Fighting Fantasy: City of Thieves Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Start menu
Game mechanics instructions
Generating a character -- I roll the die, the iPod adds the results for me.
Let's generate the rest of these stats, shall we?
I know, once you make a nice piece of tribal tattoo flash, you start thinking of other ways to put it to use.
And on we go to our adventure!
First picture -- now in colour!
And... as originally drawn.
Opening paragraph
First options!
On the fly inventory modification
Also notification of stats adjustments
Gamebook interface infringes on the margins
Let's get ready to rumble!
We shall see who is more fantastic at fighting!
I landed a hit!
Then I landed a few more!
The next opponent I tied with, but eventually finished him off.
Aren't I swell?
Let's check out my backpack...
Successfully testing my luck!
The friendly wizard Nicodemus, our in-town destination.
I cannot adequately explain how I died facing two such opponents.
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