Fighting Fantasy: Creature of Havoc Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Start menu
Mechanics instructions
New rules for this game(book)
The beginning of an extraordinarily extensive background infodump
Unusually existentialist questions for a gamebook. And in we go to the game!
First illustration, in glorious colour!
Here we go, starting location
Options to pick from!
On the fly notification of stats modifications
Are you ready to shake? I sure am!
I roll the dice, but the computer helpfully does the arithmetic for me.
I successfully passed a LUCK check.
Take that, Clawbeast!
Our totals tied, so neither is wounded.
Instant death! Complete with new animation.
Thank you, now where is my float?
Random decisionmaking, unique to this book.
Encountering one of several critical Vapours
Sure, it looks like nonsense now...
The vapour has given me agency over my actions! Up to now the game pretty much played itself.
That option is the result of a terribly important magical item that helps me to detect secret doors.
Alas, I died!
That skull at the end indicates a whole other way to die. This book has many!