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Infinity Blade Credits

ChAIR - Development

Senior Gameplay ProgrammerJoshua Andersen
Senior Effects ArtistOrlando Barrowes
Senior ProgrammerScott K. Bowen
Art DirectorAdam Ford
Senior ProducerSimon Hurley
Senior ArtistBert Lewis, Nathan Trewartha
Senior AnimatorMichael Low
Creative DirectorDonald Mustard
Technical DirectorGeremy Mustard
Lead AnimatorScott Stoddard

ChAIR - Biz

PublicityLaura Heeb Mustard
Studio DirectorHoward Phillips


QA TestingBrandon Raul Campos
Game QA Lead (Epic)Jess Ammerman

Additional Development: Epic Games - Art

Senior Graphic ArtistChris F. Bartlett
Principal ArtistShane Caudle
Technical Animator/RiggerJeremy Ernst
Senior Concept ArtistJay Hawkins, Shane Pierce
Senior ArtistPete Hayes, Maury Mountain, Wyeth Johnson
Senior Character ArtistKevin Lanning
Cinematic DirectorGreg Mitchell
Art DirectorChris Perna
Senior Technical ArtistJordan Walker

Additional Development: Epic Games - Audio

Audio DirectorZak Belica, Mike Larson

Additional Development: Epic Games - Design

Design DirectorCliff Bleszinski
Senior DesignerEric Holmes

Additional Development: Epic Games - Production

Executive ProducerRod Fergusson
ProducerChris Mielke

Additional Development: Epic Games - Engine Programming

Senior Console ProgrammerJosh Adams
Engine ProgrammerNick Atamas, Matt Kuhlenschmidt
Senior Engine ProgrammerJason Bestimt, Derek Cornish, Mike Fricker, James Golding, Gil Gribb, Wesley Hunt, Michael Noland, Steven Polge, Andrew Scheidecker, Daniel Schoenblum, John Scott, Scott Sherman, Niklas Smedberg, Joe Wilcox
Gameplay ProgrammerNick Cooper, Nicholas Whiting, Benjamin Zeigler
Senior Gameplay ProgrammerLaurent Delayen, Jeff Farris, Lina Halper, Pete Knepley, Josh Markiewicz, Rob McLaughlin, Matthew Oelfke, Samuel Spiro, Stephen Superville, Martin Sweitzer, Sam Zamani
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerJoe Graf
Senior Graphics ArchitectMartin Mittring
Senior Web DeveloperIan Thomas
Lead Engine ProgrammerDaniel Vogel
Graphics ProgrammerDaniel Wright

Epic Games - Quality Assurance

Senior Game Test ManagerPrince Arrington
Senior Engine Test ManagerPreston Thorne
Engine TestersShelley Collum, Terry Gilland, Steven Haines, Justin Hair, Aaron Jones, Joshua Marlow
Game TestersDominic Acquarulo, Jessica Agee, Jess Ammerman, Tristan Allen, John Bailey, Natalie Brickell, Max Bruckner, Christopher Devens, Ashley Ludlum, Josh Martin, Leslie Nivison, Paul Shank, Rex Stover, Wes Swain, Jonathan Taylor, Laura Ware, Donald White, Richard Wilt

Epic Games - Biz

General CounselJay Andrews
Executive AssistantSarah Asby
Chief Financial OfficerJoe Babcock
Marketing DirectorKendall Boyd
PresidentMichael V. Capps
Community CoordinatorStacey Conley
Senior Contracts AdministratorSheri Christie
Senior PR ManagerDana Cowley
Mistress of MoraleAnne Dube
HR DirectorKimberly Eudy
Director of OperationsJohn T. Farnsworth
Recruiting ManagerTim Johnson
HR GeneralistMichelle Mitchell
Finance ManagerDavid Nell
Technical Support ManagerPaul Oliver
Vice PresidentMark A. Rein
CEO/Technical DirectorTim Sweeney
VP Business DevelopmentJay Wilbur

Epic Games - System Administration

Systems/Network AdministratorWoody Ent
Systems TechnicianBart Hipp, Ian Johnson
IT DirectorMark Nilsson
Senior IT ManagerShane Smith

Additional Development

Characters & Environment Modeling byEpic Games China
Music Produced at Somatic Studios byIsrael Curtis
Original Music Composed byJoshua Aker
Vocal Performance byLaura Curtis
Audio Design & Integration byJoey Kuras, Ed Lima
Voiceover Recording and Editing byEd Lima, Music & Media
Voice Acting Zak Belica, Ed Lima, Bryan Massey, Mary Morgan, Christopher Sabat
Cinematic Assistance byJoe Wilson
Localization byGlobalization Group Inc.
Additional Localization byTechnicolor, EGJ, EGK
Additional Programming byControlled Chaos Media
Additional Engine Programming byDavid Nikdel
Written byDonald Mustard, Simon Hurley


ChAIR would like to thank:Francois Antoine, Andrew Bains, Jim Brown, Daniel Clark, Josie Campos, Jonathan Day, Quinn Delhoyo, Nick Donaldson, Russell Francis, Lu Zhi Gang, Matt Hancy, Tom Hays, Sungjin Hong, Zhang Hua, Taka Kawasaki, Sangwoo Lee, Ayumi Logan, Josh Markiewicz, Kevin Maryott, Dave Nash, Ray Park, Lee Perry, Jack Porter, Sidney Rauchberger, Mike Reifers, Demond Rogers, Kwang-Sub Shin, Michael Spano, Hunter Woodlee, Shao Yuan Yuan, GEEX, Salt Lake City IGDA
Special Thanks to:Josie Campos (for helping us move!), Maria Hurley, Nick Hurley, Alex Hurley (for their bottomless love and support), Leanne Andersen, Ryker Andersen, Ruby Andersen (you make it all worth it!), April Bowen, Kelly Bowen, Chelise Bowen, Wes Bowen (for your love & support), Nathan Miles, Nate Banry, Spencer Voges (because you'll buy it), Natalie Stoddard, Marianne Barrowes, Luke Barrowes, Cade Barrowes, Cole Barrowes, Sadie Barrowes, anyone who ever worked on Orlando's basement, Mandy Ford, Paige Ford, Reagan Ford, Tyson Ford, Sarah Ford, Molly Ford, Lisa Low, Alexandra Low, Aubrey Low, Bert's wife and kids [who he doesn't spend nearly enough time with], Dayna Philips, Laura Heeb Mustard, Donald Mustard, Ethan Mustard, Kate Mustard (the first to ever play our games and the best family ever!)
Distinguished Thanks to:Steve Jobs, Ron Okamoto, Shaan Pruden, Erik Lammerding, Andy Hess, Mark Tozer, all the awesome programmers as Apple who helped us make the platform sing!
Infinity Blade BabiesMolly Ford, Bronson Timothy Lewis, Abigail Jane Mustard

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Credits for this game were contributed by Simon Hurley (176)