The Infinity Project Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Main Menu
Something explodes in the intro - honestly I didn't pay much attention :).
Loading Screen
That fighter thing is yours - but don't expect to fly home with it.
Killing some guys in the living room while watching TV - just like playing a videogame.
Those rocket-launcher-guys are dangerous.
I wonder if they use Eyefinity.
The symbol you're looking for in almost all the levels because it marks the end one.
FYI: Green in a mostly grey area stands out a bit...
Techno-Chick ahead!
Star Wars anyone?
The other thing you'll be looking for most of the time: a security card.
Booom and everyone is dead!
I wonder if they filed that car under "C".
Deadly force-field-doors ahead.
That girl keeps talking to me but I have no clue who she is.
Those guys shoot lasers - no, not from their eyes sorry.
Monster experiments - now we're getting somewhere.
The corridors on that station look all the same.
Flying drones shooting lasers - as if I hadn't enough problems.
Laser barrieres, laser-drones - it looks like the developers want me dead.
One of the more colorful rooms on the station.
I think something is about to explode.
See green guy? That black dude does it right. You can make him out at all.
So this thing has big guns? Goooood!
Fighting over the fire-controls.
I think that's a Talon-ship.
Try navigating those small ways on an iPhone...
Everything is going to hell.
Hey you, meet my new friend the silenced machine gun.
I'm atop of the station and get a nice view into space.
Deck 1: Tropical Resort in Space
Taking a walk in Space.
Bitmaps - that were the times.
More cyborgs - I still don't understand anything from the story.
Another boss wants me dead.
Green guy got a hit from my laser-rifle.
Sadly those bad guys can walk through electricity.
The bad guy uses a teleporter to escape.
Where the fuck am I now? Well, I won't find out until The Infinity Project 2 - at least that's what the advertising screen says.