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The A.V. Club (Jan 23, 2012)
A goofy sense of humor helps make up for some of the flaws in The Magician’s Handbook. You play an aspiring wizard learning magic from a mail-order spellbook. To learn the spells, which have names that easily could have come from Harry Potter, you have to find enchanted objects in a variety of scenes. Your magical knowledge is actually useful in the hidden-object games, letting you cast spells that illuminate dark rooms and banish distractions like flying books and creeping spiders. The game has fun with the clues—for instance, “wolf” might be a hint for a picture of a wolf, or it might be directing you to seek out the word “wolf” itself. But some objects are nearly impossible to find unless you’re using hints. As the difficulty quickly ramps up, it’s easy to be left squinting and frustrated…
148apps (Jan 16, 2012)
That’s a steady theme within The Magician’s Handbook: Cursed Valley. It’s all fine but nothing more than average. Nothing makes it stand out from the crowd, not even the attractive hand-painted backgrounds. For those desperate for a hidden object fix, this is probably worth a look but there are better titles from G5 Entertainment and Big Fish Games out there.
70 (Jan 13, 2012)
The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley è un buon esponente della categoria hidden object game e piacerà sicuramente a chi sono andate a genio le altre App sempre di G5. C'è l'inserimento anche di qualche novità, ma la formula di base sta iniziando un po' a stancare e le sensazioni di deja vu stanno diventando troppo forti. Se comunque non riuscite ad averne abbastanza della ricerca di piccoli tesori, vi consigliamo l'acquisto anche di questo episodio.