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Mass Effect: Galaxy (iPhone)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Mass Effect: Galaxy Credits


Project LeadKevin Barrett
Art DirectorElliot Christian
Technical DirectorDan Fessenden
Script WriterJay Turner
Core Graphics ArtistsJoy Ang, Dustin Nelson, Nick Thornborrow
Core ProgrammersDan Hein, Daniel Torres
CEORaymond Muzyka
Director of DevelopmentGreg Zeschuk
GraphicsJoel MacMillan
AudioReal Cardinal, Jordan Ivey, Jeremie Voillot
EditingKarin Weekes
PM LocalisationJenny McKearney
ProgrammingBrook Bakay, Mark Brockington
QAScott Langevin
Voice DirectorCaroline Livingstone
Franchise Production ManagementCasey Hudson
Franchise Art DirectorDerek Watts
Franchise AuthorsDrew Karpyshyn, Mac Walters
MarketingDerek Larke, Jarrett Lee, Ric Williams
Business DevelopmentRichard Iwaniuk, Robert Kallir
Lead ArtistAlistair McNally
Lead AnimatorAlistair McNally
Audio LeadShauna Perry, Simon Charles Pressey
Localisation LeadShauna Perry
Lead DesignerMatt Robinson
Production LeadDuane Webb
Lead ProgrammerAaryn Flynn
QA LeadRonald Clement
Special ThanksOwen Borstad, Chris Christou, Mel Fleming, Kim Hansen, Homan Sanaie, BioWare‑Administration, ‑Finance, -Human Resources and IT

EA Mobile

Project ManagerLisa Ikeda
ProductionJosh Milton
Product ManagerMichele Aguilar
Project Lead Global iPhone QAGeorge Gouvakis

English Voice Actors

JacobAdam Lazarre-White
MirandaYvonne Strahovski
Additional VoicesJocelyn Ahlf, April Banigan, Mark Meer, Chris Postle, George Szilagyi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61018)