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69 (Aug 14, 2009)
Ansehnlich, actionreich und überraschend kommunikativ! Aber gerade der Name BioWare ist ein Inbegriff für Episches - und davon ist dieser kleine Abstecher made in Holland weit entfernt. Man erwartet auf dem iPhone natürlich kein ausuferndes Abenteuer, aber doch mehr als nur knapp zwei Stunden solide Unterhaltung. Zumal die Action von einer im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes wackligen Kippsteuerung getragen wird und ein denkbar unglückliches Leveldesign mit seiner Vogelperspektive für Verwirrung sorgt: Ist da jetzt eine Deckung oder nicht? So arten manche Gefechte leider in Hektik und Glücksgekippe aus - man vermisst eine direktere Steuerung, um die Kampftaktik wirklich einzusetzen. Außerdem kann man nur einen Spielstand anlegen, so dass man nach dem Finale quasi von vorne beginnen muss. Am Ende bleibt trotz der angenehm offenen Dialoge und des brillanten Comicdesigns nur ein explosives Appetithäppchen, das mit seinen zwei Hauptcharakteren immerhin Lust auf Mass Effect 2 macht.
50 (Jul 01, 2009)
It's rare to be able to say that stripping out sections of a game could actually improve it (especially on a title that is less than two hours long) but we can’t help feeling MEG’s awful combat waters down what is in essence a very stylistic interactive animation. Die hard fans desperate for more information on the Mass Effect universe are bound to get enjoyment out of the game, but for anyone else looking for an experience akin to the Xbox 360 title, Mass Effect Galaxy couldn’t be further removed.
IGN (Jun 23, 2009)
My disappointment with Mass Effect Galaxy mirrors my disappointment with Metal Gear Solid Touch. Unrelated gameplay mechanics with a popular console game license strapped on top of it do not fool anybody. The simple shooting scenes could have belonged to any game. That the Mass Effect universe is bolted on to them is puzzling -- and, as mentioned, very disappointing to a real Mass Effect fan like me. The technical issues like slowdown and clumsy controls are just further twists of the knife. Avoid this uninspired, un-fun game.
If you're willing to endure a few crappy combat sequences, then the story, characters, and cool art make Mass Effect Galaxy a decent 90 minutes for series junkies. Everyone else will be left annoyed by the clunky controls and dumbfounded by the narrative. It's a standalone story, sure, but Galaxy is set deep within an established universe, and it doesn't waste a second accommodating anyone who isn't intimately familiar with the lore.
TouchGen (Jun 27, 2009)
It’s a strange choice to make a game so heavy on story and light on action. This is one for the fans only, and even then it should have been developed as a interactive graphic novel, and left out the action scenes on the cutting-room floor where they found them! Right now the game seems to be purely a marketing tool for the upcoming Xbox game, which is not the direction I want to see iPhone gaming heading.
Slide to Play (Jun 26, 2009)
Mass Effect Galaxy is a thin layer of franchise floating on top of a big bucket of yuck. As it stands right now, the best things about this game are its attractive cartoon cutscenes, the kick-ass techno soundtrack, and the passable story. Nothing else is remotely worth buying.