Mass Effect: Galaxy (iPhone)

Mass Effect: Galaxy Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Shooting my way through the ship.
Meet Jacob's ship.
Meet Jacob - one bad-ass human.
Going in close with an enemy (upper right).
The leader of the pirates is open for talks.
The pirates just won't leave me alone.
My epic return to the Citadel.
Getting new orders from my commander - I guess.
If your forget what to do - look into your journal.
Fighting on the bridge of the ship - or somewhere else. Its really hard to tell you know?
The pirate boss has been captured - EXP for everyone!
Meet Miranda - she'll play an important part in Mass Effect 2.
The galaxy map is used once again for traveling.
The dialogues are multiple-choice just like in the main game.
Fighting even more enemies in some caves.
Sadly the enemies don't know anything about retreating.
Those guys don't want me here.
Flying drones - the game really has everything.
Another character you'll meet again in Mass Effect 2. I won't tell you his name though.
No, there's no sex-scene in this game. Sorry.
The Batarian Ambassador wants peace.
What - is that a different ship now? I don't know...
Fighting the welcoming party on this planet.
Don't mess with Jacob!
I hope from a 1st-person-perspective that level design makes more sense.
That guy is very sick and I have the cure - perfect situation for an interrogation.
Crates - everywhere crates. At least most of them don't explode.
The council listened to my concerns and stops the meeting.
Used one of my biotic abilities on that enemy.
The crates block both mine and the path of my enemies.
Turrets shooting rockets are a pain in the butt.
Happy end after all.