Osmos Credits (iPhone)

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Osmos Credits

iPhone Version

iPhone VersionAaron Barsky

Original Core Team

DirectionEddy Boxerman
Game DesignEddy Boxerman
ProgrammingEddy Boxerman, David Burke
ConsultingAndy Nealen
Additional ProgrammingAndy Nealen
Art DirectionKun Chang


'Discovery', 'The Shape of Things to Come'Mat Jarvis (Gas/High Skies)
Sound EffectsMat Jarvis (Gas/High Skies)
'SickBay', 'Rorschach', and 'Lucy Dub'Scott Morgan (Loscil)
'Farewell' and 'From Cover to Cover'Julien Neto
'Antennaria'Geir Jenssen (Biosphere)
'Osmos Themes 1 and 2'Vincent Gagnon, Tristan Bernier
'Multimote Theme'; contains a track by Sean Robbins (Silexz)DJ Paw

Big Thank-You

Chief Aesthetic OfficerAngela Schade
AdminAngela Schade
Super‑TesterAngela Schade
Headphones and iconsKamala Melzack
Osmos LogoOwen DeWitt
Hemisphere Games LogoBill Matthews
ThanksTo all our testers and localizers great and small., And thank you too.

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