Osmos Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Hemisphere's logo.
Main logo.
Main menu. Arcade mode is unlocked as you go, while the menu sits just along the top.
Some of the quotes are rather inspiring, such as this one.
Huh, really should check in the mirror more often.
Not to be confused with tap dancing.
I wish all games were as relaxing. Imagine Call of Duty: Relax Ops.
Searching out the next victim.
Looking good.
Though the level is finished, you can continue on until you're the last one standing, if you so desire.
Now that's just unfair.
Need to re-consider the strategy.
Ah, the odds are looking up now.
All alone in a field of silence.
Patience is needed on this one.
The colours of those around you change from red to blue, making it easier to decide which way to turn next.
Running circles around the galaxy.
Getting a little close.
As it happens, a little too close. But all it takes is a lighter touch to get the job done.
You can select any level you wish during the game, as long as it's unlocked.
Version 2 adds multiplayer support
Multiplayer options