Prey Mobile 3D Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Main Menu
Killing strange bugs with a wrench.
Now I'm killing strange bugs with the hunter rifle - what an improvement!
Time to unlock Spirit Walk.
Using Spirit Walk to deactivate a force field - just like in the main game.
Looks like I'm inside the alien ship already.
Jenny is in trouble!
Let me tell you something: you are butt ugly!
Like in the main game, Tommy doesn't really die but instead enters the Spirit World.
Fireing with a stationary cannon.
Four legs but can't dodge my bullets. N00b!
Tommy want to talk home?!
These guys are tough - real tough.
Using the auto-cannon to kill an ant-lion-like creature.
Seems like an alien repository.
Tommy, meet yourself!
Using the Ripper to kill that stupid dinosaur-thing.
There's an enemy in front but I guess you can't really see it that good.
Walking around on the walls. Luckily I don't have to clean those footprints.
No, that's not Tommy's hand.
I guess that guy is either tired or hungry.
A ghostly Jenny tells me to follow her - but where to?