Scribblenauts Remix Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title screen
Loading screen on startup.
Adding an adjective to something has odd results sometimes... This is a 'kooky camel' in the Xmas themed playground.
And here's Abraham Lincoln towing a whale in his purple crane truck in the normal playground.
For the Lovecraft fans as well as the Internet Meme fans... a longcat is hanging out on the right while Cthulhu is trying to slay a pimped out Maxwell.
Main menu screen.
The worlds are shown as star signs.
The objective of the puzzles are displayed at the beginning of each level. Notice the very vague description which is wide open for a lot of different approaches.
The game isn't afraid to get a little morbid at times as well.
A digger and a casket should suffice to bury this blue corpse...
The game has several adjective levels where it's just as important to apply the right adjective to the items as the items themselves.
The keyboard where all the madness starts...
I guess an emerald yak won't help the man escape the deserted island? Let's try something different...
For Valentine's Day 2012, a new playground was added to the game. Obviously, it's a love themed one.
This is the new playground added for Easter 2012. Lots of bunnies and chickens!