Silent Hill: The Escape Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title screen.
The settings menu.
The objective and rules of the game are shown.
Robbie the Rabbit helps the player in the tutorial.
Some of the very sparse story in the game.
A staple of the Silent Hill series; a nurse!
The exit elevator is opening its doors for the player.
The end of each level shows a statistics screen. Yes, this is hardly an impressive grade...
A battery pack. These are needed to keep the flashlight alive during the levels. Very hard to see where you're going without it.
There is a key on each level which needs to be found in order to unlock the exit elevator doors.
This bug is one of the faster enemies in the game, so be quick or be dead!
A froglike enemy.
These guys get around by crawling around on the ceilings.
This game's Pyramid Head variant... only without an actual pyramid on his head. He takes a whole lot of bullets to take down, so it's best to just stay out of his way instead.
Ouch! It only takes one touch from any enemy in the game to kill you, so keep at a safe distance at all times.
Reloading the gun in the tutorial level. This is done by lining up the grey outline with the chamber and tapping it.