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SimCity (iPhone)

SimCity Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Erwin Sahnab & Co. proposes to build a golf club.
As opposed to the original game, stuff you build doesn't show up immediately in order for the player to be able to correct things.
Honestly I don't know why they don't have water.
The camera-view can't be switched so you won't be able to see my trainstation behind those high buildings.
My industrial park doesn't look good - many abandoned buildings there.
Now that's what I call a city - although it only has around 235.000 inhabitants.
Meet the consultants. Mo Biehl is all about traffic.
Cars are still driving around on the highest zoom.
Looking for a prestige building - they don't cost anything by default.
A tornado hit my city.
Statistics are again available for everything.
My new city already has 46 inhabitants!
That's what the perfect water-pipe-infrastructure looks like.