Simon the Sorcerer Credits


Music Enhancement byJames Woodcock
Created bySimon Woodroffe
Designed bySimon Woodroffe
Programmed byAlan Bridgman, Michael Woodroffe
Produced byAlan Bridgman, Michael Woodroffe
Cover IllustrationPaul Drummond
Lead ArtistPaul Drummond
Simon AnimationsKevin Preston
Artistic DepartmentMaria Drummond, Jef Wall, Karen Pinchin
Assistant ProducerTricia Woodroffe
Music and Sounds byMedia Sorcery
PlaytestersSylvia Parry, Scott Yates, Jonathan Woodroffe, Alix West, Matt Gardom
Manual bySimon Woodroffe, Laurence H. Miller

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Credits for this game were contributed by MrMamen (10496)