Time Geeks: Cloneggs Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title screen
Main menu
The first Collection screen shows some info on what's unlocked so far.
Showing one of the pages of the collection with several locked characters still.
Gameplay instructions. Seems simple enough, no?
A game in progress.
A game on a later stage, with several new random characters added.
Pre-stage briefing. Go get those clones!
Yay! I finished a stage and won... eh... this guy? :(
You lose! Try again?
When you finish the last stage of a set, you're rewarded with a random Madness item.
Setting up a custom game.
Madness mode. A pyramid showed up and turned a whole bunch of clones into mummies. All of them can be paired up with each other for some easy points.
More Madness mode. A Beam Egg to the left waiting to be used and a Madness item at the bottom waiting to mess up the game.
And for people who don't actually like to play their games, there's always the option of just buying the eggs instead of winning them fairly.
Ehm... Copyright infringement, anyone?