Time Geeks: Find All! Screenshots (iPhone)

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iPhone version

Title screen
Intro part 1.
The main menu, where you find the two main missions (one of which needs to be purchased), as well as mini games, an editor and multiplayer options.
Intro part 2.
Wait just a minute! I thought this was an iPhone game?
Mission briefing screen.
Overlooking a futuristic city while zoomed out all the way.
Zoomed up view of the same area. Hot bikini babes washing your car at the gas station is commonplace in the future, just so you know!
Looking around in a Mayan temple full of historical inaccuracies.
A futuristic soccer game with aliens.
When you beat your own time or simply set a new one, you get cheered on by one of the Time Geeks.
And when you fail... well, they aren't as happy.
Mission 7 intro.
Yeah... I'm good. Thanks for noticing!
When all the stages are finished in a mission, the last thing to do is to find the time capsule and head to a new time period!
Zooming through space and time!
Another nice and detailed view of a city.
The first level is a tutorial stage where you learn the basics of the game.
Can you spot the pop culture references?
This game is shock full of little details with nods to movies and other games.
I suppose Area 51 is where they store their bioweapons, such as Angry Birds...
Zooming slightly to the left... So there's where Waldo is!