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    WINtA is the next logical step in the music games genre as it comes up with a new way of involving players in a song’s music and lyrics. Making full use of the iPhone and iPod touch’s touch abilities, WINtA provides a fun and natural way for people to tap along to their favorite songs while creating a unique and addictive game challenge at the same time.

    WINtA is coming soon to the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch devices worldwide. For more information on OneBigGame’s charity initiative, please visit For more information on WINtA, keep an eye on

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Press Release (December 13, 2010):
    New Music Game Developed Pro Bono by Masaya Matsuura’s Nana-On-Sha Studio and Triangle Studios in Support of the OneBigGame Initiative

    SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 13, 2010 – OneBigGame, the non-profit publisher of videogames, has released a free-to-play music app called WINtA on the App Store, available for iPhone and iPod touch. The WINtA App brings a fresh, new approach to rhythm games by actively involving players in a song’s music and lyrics, keeping them engaged while taking full advantage of the Multi Touch capabilities of iPhone and iPod touch.

    The WINtA App embodies the spirit of OneBigGame’s initiative; game designers working together to make great apps and to support important charities. The app showcases the talents of Dutch developer Triangle Studios while the design was led by Masaya Matsuura, creator of the famous PaRappa the Rapper series and widely recognized as the father of the music game genre, as well as his Tokyo-based NanaOn-Sha studio. OneBigGame also partnered with ngmoco, a premier creator and publisher of freemium apps and games, to bring WINtA to the ngmoco Plus+ network.

    “We are thrilled to release the WINtA App on the App Store,” said Martin de Ronde, director of OneBigGame. “The app showcases the talents and hard work of Triangle Studios, NanaOn-Sha and ngmoco, all in the spirit of charity.”

    “Working with the OneBigGame initiative is something I am personally very excited about,” said Masaya Matsuura of NanaOn-Sha. “The WINtA App, created in the spirit of collaboration between musicians and designers, delivers a compelling gameplay experience rooted in the tradition of the rhythm games of old. I hope everybody loves it!”

    “The process of collaborating on an app with NanaOn-Sha and OneBigGame has been an amazing experience for our team at Triangle Studios,” commented Remco de Rooij, CEO of Triangle Studios. “The WINtA App is the model of what a music rhythm game should be, delivering a fresh and fun experience with each new track.”

    “ngmoco is proud to support OneBigGame’s charitable efforts, and expose the app to as many users as we can through the Plus+ network,” commented Simon Jeffery, chief publishing officer, ngmoco.

    At launch, WINtA will include a free music track donated by Matsuura. Additional tracks from artists big and small will be available through In App Purchase. OneBigGame will donate a portion of music track sales to Save the Children and Starlight Children’s Foundation.

    The WINtA App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

    For more information on OneBigGame’s charity initiative, please visit

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