Irium Screenshots

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FM Towns version

Title screen
The main hero is having sex with his girlfriend until he suddenly finds himself...
in another world
where sex scenes have menu commands
and censorship extends even to parts of the leg
Main hero Masaya and his female companion gaze into the crystal ball to find out when exactly is this game gonna turn into an RPG
After clicking through tons of menus and seeing several naked girls with various hair colors you finally get to the dungeon crawling part
Random fight with some dude
Character stats and menus
Item shop

PC-98 version

Title screen
Masaya is born :)
The hero in his house :)
Masaya has a sexy girlfriend, Makoto
Sex with Makoto
A messenger from Irium!
Talking to the messenger
Don't sleep with the messenger! :)
Menu commands for sexual secenes don't change, no matter the guirl, position, stage, etc. :)
Main "hub" in Irium
I know, you just wanted to show me your lingerie
Hmm, can you teach me something?..
The weapon girl will be a valuable... err... asset in your party
The game has lots of conversations - nearly all of them with pretty girls :)
Item shop
The dungeon is the same everywhere. Same textures, same color. Identical. Boring
Now, now, don't look so grim :)
Reached a staircase
Low-level enemies
Oh wow, gotta love those medieval clothes :)
Character information
Found treasure!
These guys are tougher...
Dig the gloves :)
Hey, don't throw lions at me...
Wow, such acrobatics... :)
Groovy hair :)
Boss battle! Get ready!
Post-boss cut scene
Gently, gently...
Oh, the passion!
I wonder why she looks so scared...
High-level enemies vs. a high-level party! Opening the items menu
More high-level enemies. You now have access to tons of magical spells