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Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft

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DOS 1 2.0
PlayStation 4 2.1
Combined MobyScore 5 2.1

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Радикально измененная технология управления, которую существенно проще освоить, чем привычные "комбо" а-ля Mortal Kombat. Огромный выбор ударов и свобода передвижения по уровню. Сложнейшие персонажи. Вовремя прикупленная лицензия на AD&D. Все это делает игру неповторимой. Возможно, ей присущи некий академизм и определенное занудство. Но идея! Но богатство анимации. Но высокий класс движения. Остается только радоваться, что корифеи PC всегда готовы поставить апологетов приставок в тупик своими деяниями. Они же просто не в состоянии оценить полет мысли: скрестить файтинг с РПГ, да еще столь мягко и ненавязчиво, уйти от штампов сложнейших клавиатурно-геймпадовых аккордов в пользу ясного и четкого управления. Верной дорогой идете, товарищи!
The actual game engine is pretty good, but that’s due, in part, to the relatively small on-screen characters and lack of detailed texture maps. Animation is adequate, but hardly ground-breaking (just wait until you see Soul Edge run!). The camera swoops convincingly enough, for example, if you execute a role away or towards the screen. But for all its novel twists and turns, Iron & Blood just fails to deliver the killer package. Perhaps it’s the uninspiring backgrounds, or the fact that there are a growing number of utterly awesome beat-’em-ups already available on the PlayStation. Whatever the reason, Iron & Blood is a very competent piece of software, flawed only by a mildly sluggish game engine, small characters and drab backdrops.
PlayStationElectric Playground
I had a tough time with Iron & Blood. I really wanted to enjoy the game but I found the control layout so frustrating, it completely destroyed any momentum that the excellent graphics and sound built up. The idea of Iron and Blood works very well. The realization of that idea, as is often the case in videogames, is not quite up to snuff.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Beat ´em Ups sind mit ihrem Verlangen nach schnellen, dreidimensionalen Grafiken ein typisches Konsolenprodukt. Zwar machen sich langsam auch auf dem PC spezialisierte Grafikkarten breit, doch mit deren Unterstützung und Qualität ist es nicht weit her. Auch das von PlayStation und Saturn bekannte Iron & Blood hätte sicherlich von solcher Hardware profitiert, quälen sich doch die Bildpunkte einzeln auf den Monitor.
Iron & Blood has a lot of problems, but it doesn't totally suck. In fact, it's kind of funny sometimes. What other fighter out there lets you beat up one-armed dwarves?
IRON & BLOOD to produkt jakby niedokończony. Mógłby być z tego prawdziwy przebój, ale tylko pod warunkiem dokonania sporych poprawek. Sporo niedoróbek i wysokie wymagania sprzętowe nie wróżą grze dobrej passy oraz decydują o tak niskiej ocenie. Wiele rewelacyjnych (jak na ten gatunek) rozwiązań może jednak przyciągnąć fanów RPG spragnionych krwi oraz mistrzów klawiaturowej akrobatyki.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Iron and Blood is a much-touted, really awful fighting game. There's no strategy (we beat the game using a single button), and the play mechanics suck. Fighters get hit, then end up with their backs to an opponent; you hit a walled ring that can hurt you more than the enemy; and the moves are basic. This Blood is contaminated.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Ich kann nicht leugnen, daß die große Anzahl von Kämpfern und magischen Talenten einen gewissen Reiz ausübt. Zumindest würde sie das in der Theorie. Praktisch wird Iron & Blood jedoch durch die schlechte Programmierung bis in die Unspielbarkeit gebremst.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
But perhaps the main problem is that it's a fighting game. Iron & Blood is fully endorsed by TSR (the people who created D&D) and it is hard to understand why they'd do a game of this nature. Wouldn't Dungeons & Dragon fans want to play an actual strategic update of the fantasy game? So the bottom line is that Iron & Blood just can't win. It's not going to draw in any other fans than those who play D&D. And the fans that do play the game aren't going to put up with this sonically mediocre fighter. Even fighting game fans that aren't prejudiced against the content wouldn't play it. Better break out your pencils, paper and rulebooks...
This game could have been good. With some gameplay tweaks, a better sense of camera angling, and smoother motion, it would have been a hell of a fighter. Instead it is a bleak reminder that all polygon games aren't as smooth as Tekken 2. If someone attempts to pawn this game off on you, do yourself a favor and just say no.